Dev response to Name reserve issue: Free Boom Boxes! :P

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Dev response to Name reserve issue: Free Boom Boxes! :P

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Ok, so Name Reservations were a frustrating experience for everyone. However, we are happy to announce that the Name Reservation page has steadied out and is working correctly. The web site should show your registered names at this time. We will continue to improve the user experience as it still needs work.

In an effort to make this right, here is the current plan of action:

1. Craig Turner aka Cougar, our Director of Operations is working on a write-up to shed as much light as possible as to what the issues were. Once his detailed breakdown is complete, we will be posting it here to be as transparent as possible.

2. EVERYONE that has Pre-ordered will receive 5 Bonus Boom-Boxes. If you are unfamiliar with how awesome Boom-Boxes are, please watch our video here.

3. The web issues not only affected those registering names, but also those trying to purchase Pre-orders. Because of that, EVERYONE that Pre-orders by Friday 5/16 at 4:59pm PDT [23:59 UTC] will also receive the 5 Bonus Boom-Boxes. You can begin unlocking Boom-Boxes at Head Start on May 31st. If you’d like to Pre-order, please visit our site here.

This is our way of acknowledging that the events of Tuesday sucked and that we are genuinely sorry this happened. In the interim, please enjoy your Bonus Boom-Boxes and the 3 days left of Open Beta!

Stay Frosty


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