Recruitment Application (READ THIS TO APPLY!)

Want to throw in with the X? You must first prove your worth!... by filling out an app...
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Recruitment Application (READ THIS TO APPLY!)

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X has been around for eleven years. Formed under the pretense that games shouldn't be taken too seriously, X began it's history by recruiting people with personalities first. Rather than focusing on skill, or what others could offer the guild, we looked for people who would make us laugh. What we got was unexpected, however; we became a guild full of clowns who happened to also be some of the most experienced gamers in the games we have played.

We see ourselves as a group of friends playing over the interwebs together. We will be competitive but for the right reasons... the chicks. Come be a part of something unique. Apply below!

If interested in applying to the guild please include the following in your NEW post (copy and paste this into it):

What other games have you played?

What is your quest?

What is your favorite food?

Do you enjoy PvE, PvP, Neither?

Are you a sexual predator?

Do you tend to post pictures of yourself in the mirror on Facebook or other Social Networks?

In those pictures do you tend to have your shirt off?

Are you a man or a woman or a man playing a woman?

Favorite current TV show?

Rate these in order of importance (1-5) Raiding, PvP, Questing with friends (grouping), Eating Nachos, Chatting our ears off.

If "Eating Nachos" wasn't your top priority - why not?

Tell us about yourself (for the love of Han, keep this short)

If you discovered that one of us is really Ryan Gosling would you be intimidated? (FYI - It could be true...)

Lastly, tell us about anything else we should know about you? Past gaming experiences? Funniest moments in your gaming history? etc.

Thank you for applying. We'll most likely kill you in the morning.