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What other games have you played?

Elite Force 2 (Elite Force 1 sucked), Hello Kitty Island Adventure, Hello Kitty Online, Guitar Hero 1 and 2 (before they sold out).

What is your quest?

A moth flew inside my house when I brought the mail in last week. It escaped my initial attempts to murder it and flew upstairs somewhere. I've been leaving all the light off in my house except for the room I'm in in hopes of spotting it trying to eat my light bulbs (or whatever they do). I found a dead moth on Monday, but it looked smaller than I remember. I hope it hasn't already reproduced and it's offspring metamorphed because then I'd need to form a raid.

What is your favorite food?

Marie Calendar frozen chicken pot pie.

Do you enjoy PvE, PvP, Neither?

I don't know. I'm usually botting ... so whatever it's programmed for?

Are you a sexual predator?

Not yet. I'm only attracted to people who are at least 30 years younger than me. I'm only 29.

Do you tend to post pictures of yourself in the mirror on Facebook or other Social Networks?

I only do that on Myspace. I keep Facebook classy.

In those pictures do you tend to have your shirt off?

Is a poncho a shirt? If so, yes.

Are you a man or a woman or a man playing a woman?

In game, I am a man playing a woman playing a woman.

Favorite current TV show?

I'm torn between The Voice and Ally McBeal. I'll go with Ally McBeal because I don't really like looking at Christina Aguilera's glossy cleavage.

Rate these in order of importance (1-5) Raiding, PvP, Questing with friends (grouping), Eating Nachos, Chatting our ears off.

Um, where is "questing alone"? Anyway: Eating Nachos, Questing with Goonfleet, Eating Nachocheez, Chatting your ears, Raiding (since they cant fight back), PVP (only if they are AFK), Raiding, Eating Nachos.

If "Eating Nachos" wasn't your top priority - why not?

Dude calm down.

Tell us about yourself (for the love of Han, keep this short)

I'm 29 as I said. I like to play games as a girl and during the day I herd cats. That's a metaphor... mind blown. My name is Ben, but people who think I'm their friends call me "Ben". If I come home at night, I might eat and go to bed; otherwise, I come home during the day in which case I play some Hello Kitty and go to bed. You may think "hey, what about eating?" but man you obviously haven't played Hellow Kitty. That sh*t is addicting.

If you discovered that one of us is really Ryan Gosling would you be intimidated? (FYI - It could be true...)

Was he on Duck Tales? Anyway, no he's too old for me.

Lastly, tell us about anything else we should know about you? Past gaming experiences? Funniest moments in your gaming history? etc.

My WOW account was hacked 1 day after I let Meg use it to farm ore while I was on vacation. True story. Oh yeah, I played WOW too but I quit because that game was too hard.

I am a 2 time winner of my fantasy football league.

Thank you for reading my application. I think you will find that I am very qualified.

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Oh and application denied because you're going down this FF season.

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looks good to me


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