Midnight launch

Romancing your Wookie? Want to share a story about how Lando stabbed you in the back? This is the place.

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I'm still my age, so that works for me.

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I dunno, from what I remember Lonthu looked like he can pass for late 30's early 40's in 2002. Oldest dude I recall from that old "EFX" picture gallery was Houndmaster. He literally looked 50+.

And whats with "TF Topic" stalking these forums, he hasn't said anything in years but see his name in "users online" probably monthly, I think anyway.

In 7 years we'll be 40 and this site will probably still be here. Spot will have all the latest Apple products. Meg will have 3 kids by 3 different fathers, she will give up roller derby's for penny slots at the Tropicana. Ben is gonna get assaulted from someone he met on plentyoffish, ends up marrying an Asian chic cause he wants an obedient and submissive housewife, no talking during sex. I lose my entire savings betting horses, divorced and in debt I get a job drilling oil in North Dakota where I get shanked by a couple in hillbillies. I move back in with my parents and play WoW. I finally get Gladiator ranking and kill myself.

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Re: Midnight launch

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St.John wrote:
WeaponX wrote:ANYONE PUMPED!!!!!


That's just plain wrong. lol

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