A little bit about the guild you're applying to!

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A little bit about the guild you're applying to!

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X Syndicate

A gaming community of eleven years that focuses on friendship
and shenanigans rather than bragging about our server firsts

> Who are you jerks?
> Where did you come from?
> How active will you be and what will you do?
> What is the guild structure like?
> You had me at "jerk"... how do I get in?
> So you aren't really a dance squad?
> Some recent reviews done on our guild.

>Who are you jerks?

We are the group that throws spontaneous dance parties. We are the ones who host ridiculous events on the server. We have the guy who drinks a lot and tell us stories by the camp fire at night. We have been a top FPS and MMO guild/clan in the world and yet never lost our sense of humor. We love calling each other jerks as a term of endearment. We don't take things too seriously but we want to get everything out of a game that we can. We are X - an anti-guild of sorts. We are a group of friends and are looking for more personalities who will shape our community.

>Where did you come from?

X was formed to poke fun at the more "serious" side of gaming; the rigid schedules, the lack of any real friendships, the attitudes and dramas, some guy yelling at everyone over vent, and the overall seriousness brought to a game that is supposed to be fun. We formed to develop a community that put friendships first and ended up still having the "skills" to be a top guild in both FPS games and MMO's we have played over the past 10 years.

However, we don't aim to be a respectable guild. Instead, we want to be the guild that finds fun in everything we do together. We have been waiting for a new game to come a long to reform and do some rebuilding but our ideals will never change.

>How active will you be and what will you do?

The question is what WON'T we do? Whether it is questing, raiding, pvping, leveling up an alt, or throwing a light saber dance party complete with dubstep pounding over vent - we do it together and have fun in the process. We are very active. That said, we have members from all walks of life so we have varying degrees of member activity. Whether your in college or having your third child and sleep deprived - we have a place for you here. We build our events around our members and try our best to include everyone.

>What is the guild structure like?

X has always believed that you don't need "ranks" among friends. Instead, we promote those who are actively providing a service FOR the guild. Everyone has a say in what we will do as a group but there will be special consideration to those who devote their time to making the guild great. We will announce soon the different "officer" positions available. However, these aren't "cooler than you" ranks - these are people who are serving the guild in some capacity. If you are interested in leading raids, throwing parties, etc.. you will have an opportunity to do so! Officers will be asked to weigh in on issues as tie breaking votes.

>You had me at "jerk"

If you are interested in joining us you can click on the "application" link at the top of this thread and apply. When submitting your app please also apply to the guild using the forum feature so we can accept you if you sound like a great fit. We will cap off recruitment at some point because we aren't as concerned with "quantity" as we are with "quality".

You MUST have a sense of humor to stand a chance in this guild. If you love to laugh and are willing to put up with a bunch of "jerks" while at the same time exploring the various aspects of the game with skill and expertise (our grandmothers said we were awesome) we would love to have you. We are not interested in leetist loot whore who is only concerned with what they can GET from the guild. You need not apply.

If you can't make it through our recruitment app we probably just saved you (and us) some time!

>So you aren't really a dance squad?

Who says!!! We love doing the most random things in games which have included server wide dance off's for prizes. Ok, we aren't a dance squad... we used a cheap trick to get your attention. But we hope it exposes our sense of humor and the kind of thing you should expect should you join us...

>Some recent reviews done on our guild

Mos Eisley Cantina Band: "These guys were incredible. They have them moves like Jagger and I tipped the blonde heavily."

Gamestop: "If you're looking for a hardcore guild that will get you the most loot possible... avoid these guys at all cost"

Gamespy Arcade: "Hahahaha why the heck would you join this guild"

Employee of Valve Software: "I lost my virginity when we joined these guys... they get all the chicks."

If you have read this and STILL want to apply (we're shocked...) but click HERE to do so.