BF1942 | DC Final

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BF1942 | DC Final

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Yes I know it's a old game, but it's one of the best Mod's ever created for a game.

Some of you know me and some don't, ad I am sure WeaponX would be fine with me posting this. But I have started a community at (Gamer Syndicate)

I know the name is allot like Xsyndicate;), but please believe me when I created the name I did not even think about it being like Weapons. I had to go with gsyndicate because gamersyndicate was taken.

Ok back on topic. If any one here has ever played I would love for you to come check out the sight. Every Monday night we have a crew that plays. We all used to play together at a lan center back in the day. But I would love to get the server going strong everyday.

Even if you would like to help me with the community side of things.

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