New Vid Card

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New Vid Card

Post by Lonthu »

I just got a new evga GeForce 6800 GS 400/1100/256 AGP that I have oc'd to 425/1500
I also opened up the extra quad (16 pixel pipes instead of 12) and the extra vertex pipe (6 instead of 5).
My system is an XP 3200+ and 2048 dual channel ddr at 2-3-2-6. This is certainly no pci express system with SLI, but I am able to maintain 63 fps in most of q4. Certain maps with many players drops me to 49-50 in certain areas, but that sure beats 19-20 that I had before with my FX 5600.

At $225.00 is was a steal too. ... etailSpecs

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