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You would have to do some MAJOR tweaking. I mean my computer from 4 years ago is better than that.

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I could sell a 3.4 gHz chip and board with a audigy card.

But I'm stupid price wise. My uncle built my computer, he buys parts at wholesale prices and sells systems. He gives me parts at cost.

Dunno what he was planing to get if he could with my old stuff though.

My new onboard sound card is like 24 bit 7.1 surround, and I'm, like "WTF?"

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Veritoff tell your parents you need to upgrade your comp because of school :D

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Re: W00t!

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WeaponX wrote:So finally a game comes out that has the potential to thrill me like EF did. I can't wait to actually get better at this game lol.
:roll: :wink:

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