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Useful Links / Files

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CSP Map 1.21 (aka Huge Map) - comes with installer

Spheremap 1.0

To install, unzip the zip file. Open the folders til you get to the map name like "Spheremap" & copy that folder. Find the folder under your AO installation that has the other map folder(s) & paste it there with them.

In-game, press P, click the little i in the top left. Click Select map & choose the map you want to use.
You may need to restart AO before it shows up.


Clicksaver - must have for pulling missions. It tells you the location & reward of the missions in 1 window instead of deciphering the mission text.

Nano Nanny - implant layout builder

----------------------------- - item database, armor planner, various other stuff - the old aodb site(item database), with some added features

Dungeons & whatnot
Biomare (aka Foremans) -
Temple of Three Winds -
Inner Sanctum -
Cyborg Barracks -

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