If you want to talk about phat lewt, raid instances, -20DKP or throwing more DoT...here's your forum.

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So you want to know what it is like to ride through Northrend having every guild laugh at you as you ride by? Then you need to ask yourself.. Do you enjoy team wiping? Do you love paying top dollar to repair your gear? Does the thought of disenchanting your phat loot sound like a great idea? If so read on!

Let me start by telling you what we are not about.

1. We are not about the phat loot. Not saying we don't want to hit up Ulduar and beyond... we just believe that X > loot. If your going to complain about every drop you don't get don't bother applying.

2. We aren't looking for moochers. If your looking for a group of people to run you through heroics, loan you gold, buy you a mount, or a group to drive nuts with your insane rambling...go away.

3. If you hate interaction with other players including (but not limited to) talking in guild chat, getting to know other guild mates, or light spooning.. you have found the wrong guild!

4. We use these forums to set up events and get to know each other! We require a forum membership for you to even be considered. If you refuse to use the forums you'll be left in the dark and subsequently won't last long.

So what are we about?

X is all about having fun together doing every aspect of the game. Whether that means raiding, running heroics, doing some world pvp, doing arena's, or suffering from Mensa's horrible cooking... we do it together and enjoy the friendship aspect of the game as well as the progression through the game itself.

Personality is a must. We are a very humorous group and take every chance we get to keep a good laugh going. We do not take the game too serious.

We enjoy both the PvE and PvP aspects of the game.

If you want to have fun pvping (world, bg, and raid), running end game content including some raiding and running heroics, working on an alt, or just jumping around in circles naked with friends while having a good laugh .. then you have come to the right place!

Thanks for your interest. Please complete the form below (cut and paste into a new thread)

Application: Please answer the questions below as best you can. Your answers will play a roll in our decision so don't answer with one word sentences.

Cut and paste this questionnaire into a new post.

1. What is your characters name / level / class? Please tell us the name of the character(s) you'd like us to armory. (Please do not include a link as this will most likely get your post rejected due to spam restrictions)
For example:
Denaura - 80 DK, Rigimorty - 80 Rogue, etc.
2. How long have you been playing WoW?

3. What is your favorite class?

4. Do you like nachos?

5. How did you hear about us? Who referred you?

6. How old are you?

7. What interests you - PvP or PvE or both?

8. What do you have to offer the guild?

9. What are you looking for in a guild?

10. Tell us something interesting about yourself.

11. Do you have vent and are you willing to use it if we are raiding?

12. Any final remarks as we consider your application?

Thanks again for applying.
Feel free to be creative in your application.
We'll consider your application and post a response in your thread that you start or send you a PM.

One word answers to these questions is a strike against you.