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The game that gave birth to the X Clan, yo mama jokes, and nacho fever back in November of 2000!

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Post by XerO »

I played tonight....against a bot :roll:

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Post by WeaponX »

lol... i logged in, tried setting up my buttons, and then spent 2 hours trying to get my hops down. So strange playing on a 27" HD monitor running 2560x1440 and then playing in 800x600 lol

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Post by Benoit »

What do you use for a game server finder thingy? (I have pathfinder)

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Post by EXcorcist »

I found myself really wanting to play this again today. I think I'm going to have to dig out my CDs and get this installed.

Anyone play recently? I remember using pathfinder and gamespy back in the day to find HMs.

God I really feel old lol

Also... WebEx's about products you already know are boring...
HellRaiser wrote:fair enough... ... you win.

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