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The game that gave birth to the X Clan, yo mama jokes, and nacho fever back in November of 2000!

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Btw just watched the end of a few of those YouTube vids... either I sucked a lot worse than I remember, or goku recorded thousands of matches and sorted through for a couple lucky matches. Haha guess timeline wise, I have no idea of when those are from, but I swear regardless of to which time we had come back to ef after a break, saint and I weren't that bad! Haha

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That SOB Goku :x , The nerve using my name….It may have been a long time ago…. But damn I hope he stubs his little toe! Twice! On the Same Foot!! Just as the pain starts to go away the first time ---- :shock: BAM!! :shock: Another stub for you! Ha!~

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By NiMrOoK on 3.25.04 @ 6:41 PM:

Oh how I wish a good clan like X would make a video. We're all too lazy though. heh. I'm sure it would be fabulous. Nice to see ef video's though.


http://jfmsn.co.uk/blog/studio/2014/01/ ... rary-2014/

we just missed another ef tourney last weekend due to weap's lazcyness.


if you guys don't mind i'm gonna try to get us into the next one.

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one last ride into the delta quadrant hahahahahah

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