Everyone in X sucks!

The game that gave birth to the X Clan, yo mama jokes, and nacho fever back in November of 2000!

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[SEA]KwanDuw wrote:
Lonthu wrote:Happy Holidays to all of SEA and X!

Man what a great run. I have to slightly disagree with Hell on one point.
He says something like "if you weren't in X you can't say you were good"
I would like to rephrase that with: " if you weren't in X you can't say you were the best"

Ho Ho Ho!
If you were in X, you can't say you were good enough for SEA! :roll: :wink:
What Kwan said!!!

HellRaiser wrote:fair enough... ... you win.

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LOL, so when is the next EF bash?

Please pick a date and time when it can be X, SEA, and XF on the server. Just mix up teams as even as possible and play some maps. It can be like team Lollipop vs Cakemix or something. :)
I still pwn a very large piece of your @$$

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