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The game that gave birth to the X Clan, yo mama jokes, and nacho fever back in November of 2000!

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weedman you need some midol or somethin...im sure someone here could hook ya up ;)

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,and I thought the TNT forum was a blast eh!!!!!Ya lets see it eh!!!!!!!!!Eh man out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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WeaponX wrote:
ShortBus wrote:(jerking off to pics of Sarah Michelle Gellar doesn’t count as getting laid,gents! :p)
uhm.. ok... shes not even cute... you could have at least TRIED to make that a slam on us. :p
WeaponX wrote:I definitely would NOT hit it. Just look at those sharp knees. She is way below my standards.

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LOL man. I miss internet fighting :(

Also, what was Bus thinking!!

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