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Forum Software Updated

Post by Frost »

The phpbb install has just been updated. If anyone is having trouble logging in, please do the usual cookie clearing and trying again.

Changelog for this update:

* [Fix] Check for user's existence prior to showing email form
* [Fix] New members of moderator groups should always become moderators (Bug #382)
* [Fix] Proper message when replying to non-existant topics (Bug #459)
* [Fix] Changed column type of search_array to store more ids (Bug #4058)
* [Fix] Fixed annoyance with font-size selector (Bug #4612)
* [Fix] Fix optimize line in database updater (Bug #6186)
* [Sec] Check for the avatar upload directory reinforced
* [Sec] Changes to the criteria for "bad" redirection targets - kellanved
* [Sec] Fixed a non-persistent XSS issue in private messaging
* [Sec] Fixing possible negative start parameter - SpiderZ.
* [Sec] Added session checks to various forms - kellanved

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Post by Mr E-Man »

Dial-up sucks!

I blame Frost!
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