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Smart Stuff

Post by WeaponX »

Ecobee vs. Nest. Why?

Smart doorbells or whatever - thoughts?

Not sure if anyone else uses this stuff but I'm looking into the thermastats and doorbell stuff. Got an Echo or two.

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Post by Benoit »

I'm a Nest early adopter so I can't really talk about pro's and con's vs competitors.

Things I like being able to do:
  • Changing the temperature from bed
    Changing the temperature from work to pre-heat/cool the house
    Being able to make sure the heat is working while I'm out of town so the pipes wont freeze
    Being able to set it to "away" when I'm on vacation and I forgot to do so before leaving
Otherwise, it's just a fancy thermostat that sort of learns your routine - if you have one.

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Post by Psartryn »

I like Ecobee because of the sensors in each room...but I don't have a debate ready

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Post by Boom »

Since you haven't decided on a doorbell after 2 years, the one I recently got is from Zumimall.
It gets the job done. The camera starts recording a second or 2 after I feel it should. The battery lasts awhile (maybe a month or so?). It comes with a 32gb card.


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Post by St.John »

I have Nest but still can’t dunk a basketball.

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