2 great programs for web designers/photographers

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2 great programs for web designers/photographers

Post by Boom »

- Bulk Rename Utility
Mass replace/crop/number/add to/etc. filenames
It's a little daunting when you first open it because there are so many options, but you only have to change what you need

- Batch Picture Resize
Mass resize photos & set quality. Drag & drop files onto (renamed) exe.
Ex: PhotoResizeW600Q95.exe = 100px wide, 95% quality
Ex: PhotoResizeA100x100.exe = 100px wide, 100px tall - resizes & crops (good for thumbnails)

I use these 2 a lot at work :P

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Post by WeaponX »

nice :D

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Post by Psartryn »

Don't tell me how to batch resize photos!!

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