Workplace oops

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Workplace oops

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Below is an actual email sent from the IT department to everyone working for my county's government a few minutes ago. Gotta love people who don't know how to use the global email list using it for stupid things.

Some of you may have received numerous, confusing emails from the IT Department this morning. This occurred because someone sent out a mass email this morning that included the email addresses of two of our helpdesk systems. The helpdesk systems then generated return emails for the newly opened tickets. At the same time, many others who were emailed had autoresponders turned on to explain their absence. These responses in turn were sent back to the helpdesks, which in turn updated others on the list regarding the ticket response. In short, it created a vicious cycle. Unfortunately, because people are still responding to the ticket to ask, “What is going on?” or “Why am I receiving all these emails?”, the cycle is only continuing.

This will only stop once people stop responding to the helpdesk ticket in question, so going forward, PLEASE DO NOT REPLY to that helpdesk ticket any further. Thank you.
I sit back and laugh at this endlessly. :lol:
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Post by Psartryn »

I approve of this loop.

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