Going Rouge Preorder Now Avaialble

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Going Rouge Preorder Now Avaialble

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Get yours today!
The prepurchase option for City of Heroes® Going Rogue has arrived! Whether your first instinct will be to create a Praetorian, or turn Rogue or Vigilante with one of your existing characters, by prepurchasing for $29.99 you'll be ready on launch day to check out all the new content Going Rogue has to offer.

But there are also special advantages to prepurchasing! When you prepurchase Going Rogue you'll get early access to both the Dual Pistols and the Demon Summoning power sets. Dual Pistols will be available immediately upon prepurchase, and Demon Summoning will come shortly thereafter with the launch of Issue 17. And let's not forget about the City of Heroes® Double XP/Reactivation Weekend March 4th-7th. If you act right away, you can wield Dual Pistols as you rack up all that extra XP, Influence and Infamy!

So go take a look at the new and improved Going Rogue website and prepurchase your copy of Going Rogue today!
http://www.cityofheroes.com/news/news_a ... ow_av.html
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I'd preorder if I was interested in Dual Pistols but I'm really not. I think I'll wait a bit.

However I'm logging in for DXP! Hooray for account reactivation!

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