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Hell Jumper
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Stopping by

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To say hi and take a head count, since I got back from vacation 2 weeks ago I have only seen Darrk on a few times. Maybe its my play time between 6:30 and 8:30 pm EST, but Im wondering if anyone is still out there because even the 6 or 7 regulars that I use to see on (you know who you are) have not been on.

Anyway like the title say just stopping by to say hi…

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Post by IceOnix »

I can't play for more than an hour or two on any given day and even then it's after 10p EST.

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Darrk Waver
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Hey Hell!

I hope you had a great vacation. I'm not sure how many folks visit the site, but I know Chromi, Blizza, and Termi are regulars with a few others I see now and then. I know my brother Midnite still gets on from time to time.
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I still play. I haven't been on quite as much in the last week or two because of work. That will probably continue on and off for the next month or so, as November is usually pretty busy for me.

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