DXP Weekend: The Aftermath

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Scooby Doo
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DXP Weekend: The Aftermath

Post by Scooby Doo »

Took a stalker 2-23 and a SoA 1-24 (haven't respecced into crab yet but will when I finish working the planner.)

Also, unloaded a crapload of IOs. Sold one Hami that had been collecting dust for about 3 years for 200 million- a new personal sales record for me. Yay!
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Post by IceOnix »

I got my widow from 10 to 24 and my blaster from 27-30! I didn't make any money, however I am contemplating getting into the market.

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Post by Frost »

I got my electric/electric brute from 22 to 26, my night widow from 40 to 41 and a new plant/fire dominator up to level 7ish.

While I was clearing out my salvage, I sold a piece of the old base salvage for 6 million infamy. I forget exactly what it was that I sold though now. That was the big gain of the weekend.

Also made a mint on my widow selling crafted IOs for 500k a pop.

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Post by DarkPowers »

New toons:

Stalker 1 to 22
Tank 1 to 10 but could have did a bit more
ExWife's Lawyer now 43

I got some levels on my sonic/sonic defender too teaming a lot with Bliz but I am not sure on the start or ending point.

This one I was feeling burned out on it by Sunday.

Frost, you need to play more so you can say how the plant/fire dom feels up to 50. That was my first 50 and before some of the changes to dominators so I wonder how it would feel now.

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Hell Jumper
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Post by Hell Jumper »

Didnt really do a whole bunch of anything due to computer issues, did make a couple of dollars on a few items I was able to sell.

congratz on the HO Scooby, they seem to command more than people realize (did I just say niche) :wink:

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Post by fait »

Lol never saw this but got two new 50s a fire/fire brute and an nrgy/kin defender

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