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Scooby Doo
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Holy smokes.

Hope you make it on.
Wassy wrote:I would do Frost and Scooby purely for its high torture factor.

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Hell Jumper
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The updater finished loading last night and now I have coh on my wifes computer, she runs Vista and I dont know if that had anything to with it but I kept crashing most of the night. I never made it into a mission was too busy running around my various toons collecting cash :lol:

At work today not sure what time i will get out and then family is comming over, hopefully things will be better today but with it being 2xp I doubt it.

Anyway I will say hi

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Hell Jumper wrote:
DarkPowers wrote:True. If you only have the first CoH disks, then you may as well just go downloader route.
well just started the dl process and even though I am connected directly to my comcast moden at 100.0 Mbps I have 17 hours to go.
I don't think Comcast offers that kind of speed. Your connection from computer to modem could be that since the NIC speed is that. But your internet speed is probably a lot slower than that.

Go to an internet speed site to find out. The thing in my sig is one. Also speakeasy (sp?) has one. But just Google "internet speed test" and a few will come up on the list.

Comcast just announced with the fiber optics that they can now offer 50 to select markets.

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