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Out of curiosity, are you recruiting right now, and if not when will you be? The post saying recruitment is closed is from awhile back, and this group looks to be exactly the group I'm after. You see, I was a member of a group on Guardian that was very fun and tight-knit before I left the game to take a break for a few months. When I returned, I found that group to be almost completely gone. So, I chose to start over on Freedom, and I am now looking for a new group to call home. X Syndicate seems like it is a group that would be a good place for me.

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Howdy and Greetings.

Thanks for your interest in X Syndicate. After our last push to recruit people we decided to put any new recruitments on hold because we came to the realization we’ve slowly become a small group of friends who tend to come and go due to real life requirements and wanting to play other games.

Since our last recruitment most of the new members ended up leaving because they were wanting a more active group, which I don't blame them. Many people are looking for an active group for teaming, task or strike forces, etc. and we tend to go in cycles with people being in game and scheduling activities.

For us old timers we’re pretty much used to it and welcome an old face back whenever they resurface, but for someone new to the game or group I’m sure it’s disappointing to only find a few members online at certain times.

I’m sorry to hear about your old group being almost completely gone, but I’m not sure if X Syndicate will give you the experience you are wanting. I would hate for you to join and then wonder why the SG is so slow.

Hopefully you can check the CoH forums and find another group similar to X Syndicate. Good luck and have fun!
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