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Saw this on the boards thought it mite be of interest
Migration to new Message Boards!

We know some of you have heard this before...but this time we really mean it! We're moving to brand-spanking new message boards, and we don't mind telling you...we're kind of excited about it!

We're not just pleased to have great new software--the best part of this change is that City of Heroes® forum dwellers are about to become one big happy family! That's right; we're integrating our North American and European communities into one board so everyone can be together!

We will announce a firm date for the move soon, but our first order of business is to let you know about it as quickly as possible so that you have enough time to prepare! There are a couple of things that you need to do prior to the migration:

1. Save Your Private Messages!

To help minimize the amount of data that has to transfer over to the new forums (and decrease the amount of time the boards will need to be down during the migration), we will only be moving over the last two years worth of Private Messages. We advise all forum members to go through their PMs and copy/paste the ones they wish to save into a .doc or .txt file, or whatever other medium is preferred. Even though we will transfer over 2 years worth of PMs, we would like to suggest that everyone clean out their Message Box in general to the best of their ability and keep the number of PMs remaining to a minimum. It can only help with the migration!

2. Think about keeping or changing your existing forum handle!

You will be getting shiny new functions and options to play with on the new forums but changing your forum handle will NOT be one of them so make sure you're happy with your name prior to the transition! If you're not and want to make a change, please follow these directions:

Step 1 - Click on My Home

Step 2 - Click Edit "Personal information, email, password, etc."

Step 3 - Change Display Name

Step 4 - Click Submit
*Note you will need to enter and verify a password before clicking submit

As already mentioned, we will be updating you on things again soon, but until then, please save those PM's and think about your forum handle ASAP. Then, prepare yourselves to become one, big, fun CoH community!

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After all these years I think I only visit the forums when you guys post a link :roll:

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