Items of Power and Cathedral Trial Guide

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Items of Power and Cathedral Trial Guide

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OK, I have never actually seen an IoP in game, however I was interested in the topic so I researched it via the CoH boards and pirated pieces of other people's guides, responses in threads, etc. I regret that I didn't get names of everyone who's guides I used, but I know Nicci and Rhoffman provided a lot of the content.

Feel free to comment on anything you believe to be incorrect, I would be happy to research and/or correct as necessary.

I believe the buff percentages have been increased since i published this, but do not have hard numbers yet.

Items of Power and Trials

What are Items of Power and what do they do for my Supergroup?

Items of Power are special devices available only to Supergroups. To get one your group must succeed at the Cathedral of Pain trial (steal it from Rularuu the Ravager) or steal one from another Supergroup in a base raid. They are devices that give all members of your Supergroup a bonus for as long as the item is in your base and while they are playing in Supergroup mode.

While the common ones have buffs of 1-2% to a single attribute, there are a few (server wide) rare ones, that do much more. One in particular, 'The True Furnace' gives everyone in your SG +10 end points and adds a million power to your base. In addition, IoPs reduce your rent. The “rare” IoPs reduce rent by 50,000 while the lesser IoPs reduce rent by 40,000. usually a +1% buff in one attribute (damage, XP gain, debt gain, psychic damage resistance).

Supposedly, you can have up to 5 (there is debate whether this is bugged on test or whether it means up to 5 of any one IoP, since there are groups that claim to have significantly more than 5). Having an item of power essentially "flags your base for PvP". You can be raided at any point after you get one under the rules of “Scheduled Raids.”

What IoPs are known to exit?

1. Common:
a. Monument of Anger: +2% Damage Buff; -40,000 to upkeep
b. Monument of Iron: +1% psychic damage resistance; -40,000 to upkeep
c. Monument of Fury: +1% XP gain; -40,000 to upkeep
d. Monument of Torment: +1% increase to debt repayment; -40,000 to upkeep

2. Rare/Unique (1 per server?):
a. “True Furnace”: Gives everyone in Supergroup mode +10 end, and provides your base 1 million power.
b. "Crystal of Resilience". Provides everyone in Supergroup mode protection to immobilize, sleep, hold, and disorient. [note: Bug Report suggests that when working in the base edit mode, the IoP was not called "Cystal of Resilience" but "Monument of Iron", but it provided the protection from status effects.]
c. “Book of Rularuu” - complete chronicles of Rularuu that give all SG members 20% Debt Protection while in SG mode. (aka "the True Book"?)
d. Storm Elemental Heart: +5% MAX HP
e. "Book" - unknown (different graphic then the book of rularuu)
f. “Cube” – unknown

It's believed that the IoP “drop” is random, all luck as to which one you get, but it is possible that changing the Trial's difficulty level and the number of people you have with you would change your chances of getting a better IoP.

Getting an IoP

Before you can undertake a trial or raid to capture an Item of Power, your base must have the following:

1. A base with Vault Room, Front Entrance and at least 6 other (non-vault) rooms. To get more than one, you will need a double vault or more than 1 vault.
2. An Item of Power Base placed in your vault
3. 6 Dimensional Anchors placed in the other rooms of your base (1 per room)
4. A mission computer (if you are going to try the Cathedral of Pain trial)
5. A raid teleporter (to get you to the trial or defender’s base)

Your base can, of course, have more than this but it must have these things before an Item of Power can be placed.

The Cathedral of Pain

When it is made available, it believed to be only open for a limited window every 28 days. The schedule is a rotating 7 days open, 21 days closed. Up to 24 members of your Supergroup at a time can take part in the trial. If your group succeeds you will bring back an Item of Power.

You click on the mission computer and select configure Raid Porter for the trial. The multiple teams then click the Raid Porter to be sent to the mission zone. There are two parts to this, first you must bring down three obelisks at or near the same time. Then you enter the chamber with the ArchVillain. If you beat him, the trial ends, and an Item of Power will now reside in your base.

Once you acquire an IoP, your base is opened up to scheduled raids. Your SG leader will have already had to select two separate days, and a two hour period for each day. Any other SG that is capable of housing an IoP can then request to raid your SG during one of the fours hours per week you are "vulnerable". The attacking SG will have to pay 100,000 prestige to schedule the raid, and must do so more than 2 days in advance. Your SG will receive 2 days warning of what day the raid will occur. (not sure at this point if it tells you which hour that the raid will occur).

You can repeat the trial up to 10 times when it is available. However, once you have 5 Items of Power you cannot place any more in your base. (see previous comment on whether this is currently bugged or refers to IoPs of the same type).

The trial is on a 1 hour timer (but you can make as many attempts as you want during the 5 day window) and supports up to 24 players. It's against Rularuu. The minimum is 1 person and the max is 24 with no level restrictions. It seems non-SG members cannot enter the trial. There are rumors of teams having completed the trial in 18 minutes, while others found it very difficult. We’ll have to see what its like when all the adjustments are completed.

What are some considerations in going for an IoP?

Those who are planning to go for IoP raids should be considering the following:

1. Your SG must be willing to repeatedly defend itself over and over, again and again, forever and ever for as long as you own the IoP.
2. The SG must think that whatever pittance that is the reward for the IoP is worth the cost and time commitment of leaving oneself permanently vulnerable to raids. i.e. if 20 or so people have to spend an hour or so a week defending the item, even if equipment isn’t destroyed, is it worth the entire SG having access to the capability for the week.
3. The SG must accept that there WILL be "griefer sg's" out there who's sole purpose will be to prolong a raid for as long as possible in order to destroy as much equipment as possible, just because that's what they do.
4. The SG must accept the fact that weeks after weeks, the attackers have nothing to lose while the defending sg's have nothing to gain. There is no risk to the attackers. The defenders have to be eternally vigilant, while the attackers only have to be lucky once to cause some serious damage.
5. Any Items of Power obtained through raids or the trial will disappear when the next IoP Trial cycle begins.

As such, to effectively conduct IoP Raids a Supergroup would have to plan to:

1. Have multiple fabricators in the crafting room to bring or nearly bring up the potential of loss to nearly ZERO...
2. Have a lot of members who are in the 40+ area (for raid defense) and who constantly “prestige-ho” themselves out (not everyone’s idea of fun)... thus insuring a steady cash flow in case they lose items.
3. Be very WELL defended in terms of base defense equipment (see “prestige-ho” comment above).

Edited: 9/26/06 - Days trial is opened/closed

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