Base Raiding Guide

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Base Raiding Guide

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OK, please note that this is a base raiding guide written by someone who has never done a base raid. I was interested in the topic so I researched it via the CoH boards and pirated pieces of other people's guides, responses in threads, etc. I regret that I didn't get names of everyone who's guides I used, but I know Nicci and Rhoffman provided a lot of the content.

Feel free to comment on anything you believe to be incorrect, I would be happy to research and/or correct as necessary.

Base Raiding

There are two types of raids: Instant Raids and Scheduled Raids. Instant raids are just that – opportunities for you to take part in spur of the moment Supergroup vs. Supergroup battles. Scheduled raids are generally larger scale battles who’s intent is to capture an Item of Power from an enemy base. The term Supergroup is used throughout this discussion to represent either Hero or Villain groups. This means that Raids can be hero group vs. hero group, hero group vs. villain group or villain group vs villain group.

Instant Raids

How do I start an Instant Raid?

To set up an instant raid, all you need to do is right-click on a player in another Supergroup. If that group has a base, a “Raid” option will appear in the pop-up window. Choosing that option sends a challenge to a Supergroup member authorized to accept it. You can also use the slash command, /raidinvite player name. Even if ‘player name’ is not leader, the invite should go to the highest ranking member of the SG that is currently online. The raid challenge will go to the HIGHEST ranking player of that SG. Not level high, but rather leader/captain/lieutenant type high. If there is nobody that has permission to accept the raid online, then you won't even be able to challenge to a raid, it will give you an error stating that nobody at the other SG is high enough to accept.

Any player can send a raid invite. When creating a Supergroup, the leader should set permissions for which ranks can accept a raid challenge. Yes, Hero and Villain groups can instant raid each other. Use the slash command that was given earlier or meet a member of the SG you want to raid in a PvP zone and challenge there.

Once a raid it accepted, it is the responsibility of each side to alert their members and assemble a team. To join a raid, click on the “Raid” button in the Supergroup window and use the “Join” button next to the raid. You cannot join a raid that was set up before you became a Supergroup member. (No fair setting up a raid and then shopping around for the toughest players out there to join your Supergroup!)

Each SG goes to its base before the 5 minutes expire. When the 5 minutes are up, all SG members that aren't in the raid, get kicked out of the defenders base. Since there is a max of 16 players per side in the raid, you can have two teams of 8, 4 teams of 4, or any other combination. After five minutes, the raiding teams then click on their raid porter.

What is required to have an instant raid?

The requirements for raiding are that the defending side have:
1 Vault
6 Dim Anchors
1 Raid TP
1 IOP Base
8 Rooms
The attacking side needs only to have a Raid Teleporter and enough power and control to run it.

What happens in the actual Attack/Defense?

Each team is supposed to get a random doorway to spawn in. (the 1x1 square in between your rooms). Once a team spawns at a location, it will forever spawn at that location.

How it currently works, all individual raiders are assigned a random doorway to spawn in, so the team is scattered usually. And once spawned, each raider will continue to spawn in the same doorway.

All players are auto sk'd to 50. All base items are level 50, so a basic weapon is the same level as an elite weapon as opposed to previously, when elite weapons were +1, advanced were equal, and normal were -1. Reportedly _Castle_ posted that base items are now like different ATs; the larger the item, the tougher it is (elite weapons are large, improved are medium).

If killed, the attackers respawn in the same place they came in the first time. Defenders respawn in their base hospital (if there is an intact, powered rez ring) or in the relevant zone hospital. In the latter case, they must then run to the base portal to get back into the fight.

What are the conditions for winning an Instant Raid?

Instant raids last for 60 minutes. The Attackers can win if they 1) destroy 5 Dimensional Anchors, 2) they set up 5 Disruptor Pylons (one per room) in the defending base, 3) If there are no Defenders in the Base, or 4) by bringing down the force field protecting the IoP and complete a touch task if the opposing team has an IoP. The Defenders win if 1) there are no attackers in the base after the first 30 minutes of play, or 2) 30 minutes pass without an attacker win.

How do you defend a base?

Beside the defender combating the attackers directly, you can buy or craft defensive items to help defend your base during a raid. These are things like freeze ray turrets, defensive mines, and shield generators. Only some rooms in your base can have defensive items. Generally, a room that can hold defensive items is much more expensive than a room of the same type that can't. For example, a Secure Control Room (which can house a few defensive items) is millions more Prestige than a normal Control Room, which can't. Anything that has hit points can be attacked and destroyed.

Defensive items require a lot of power and control, necessitating crafter power and control items. This also means that if an attacker makes it to your control or power room and blows up the core item there, everything in your base turns off.

After an Instant Raid all items in the defending base are restored to normal! Instant raids are about fun. Nothing in your base (including any Items of Power) will be permanently damaged or lost.

What are Disruptor Pylons, where do I get them and how do I use them?

Disruptor Pylons are crafted items that are used only in offensive raids. It's a temporary power. If you create it, you will not see it in the list of personal items you can place, and you will not see it in your powers list unless you embark on an offensive raid.
Each Disruptor Pylon as 2 charges and they are interruptible. You can place them anywhere in a room except on the wall or on the ceiling. There can only be 1 pylon per room. Placing a second will cause one to be destroyed. They can be attacked and destroyed by defenders.

What are some strategy considerations?

Most advantages go to the attackers. Most defensive victories are because the defenders were able to locate and spawn camp the zone-in doorways and kill attackers before they finished zoning in.

So, in summary:

Your see someone in Port Oakes. You right click on them and notice the 'Challenge to a Raid'. You select it. If someone from their SG that has permission to accept is online, then the request is routed to them. They can accept or decline. If they accept, then both SG's have 5 minutes to open up their super group menu (off of the chat window) and click the raid button, then click join raid. For instant raids, it is limited to 16 per side, although less can be used, if you aren't sure, expect 16. Now each SG goes to its base before the 5 minutes expire. When the 5 minutes are up, all SG members that aren't in the raid get kicked out of the defenders base.

Scheduled Raids

Scheduled raids are the real thing – full-on battles for control of an Item of Power. Once you acquire an IoP, your base is opened up to scheduled raids. Your SG leader will have already had to select two separate days, and a two hour period for each day when other groups can elect to raid you. Any other SG that is capable of housing an IoP can then request to raid your SG during one of the fours hours per week you are "vulnerable".

Scheduled raids cannot be declined. This is a price you pay for having an Item of Power.

How do I start a Scheduled Raid?

To schedule a raid, your group must meet the conditions to capture an item of power:
1 Vault
6 Dim Anchors
1 Raid TP
1 IOP Base
8 Rooms

If these conditions are met, the Raid button of the Supergroup window will show a list of eligible targets. You can only raid a Supergroup that has an equal or greater number of IoPs. Only the side (Hero or Villain), times, and days of eligible raids are shown. You select your target and then choose the size of the raid you wish to make. That is the maximum number of players allowed on both the attacking and defending teams.

The attacking SG will have to pay 100,000 prestige to schedule the raid, and must do so more than 2 days in advance. Your SG will receive 2 days warning of what day the raid will occur. (not sure at this point if it tells you which hour that the raid will occur )

Now that the raid is scheduled, each SG has its members click the SUPER from the chat window. From there, click the RAID option and then they should see a button to JOIN RAID. In a scheduled raid, each side may have up to 32 people. It is a first come first serve basis.

On the raid day, all raid members, attacking and defensive, should first meet in the same city zone, then enter their own base and wait for the raid to start.

It is the responsibility of the respective Supergroups to ensure that attackers and defenders are ready. When a raid is set to start, the attackers must use their raid teleporter to enter the defending base.

What are the conditions for winning a Scheduled Raid?

Raids last 60 minutes. The attackers can win if they 1) bring down the force field protecting the IoP and complete a touch task 2) destroy 5 Dimensional Anchors, 3) they set up 5 Disruptor Pylons (one per room) in the defending base or 4) if there are no Defender in the base. The defenders win if 1) there are no attackers in the base after the first 30 minutes of play, or 2) 60 minutes pass without a defender win.

If the attackers succeed, they win, and leave with one of the defender's Items of Power. It would appear you don’t get to pick which IoP you obtain if there are more than 1.

All other aspects of a scheduled raid are identical to instant raids except damaged item recovery.

In a scheduled raid, items that are destroyed are NOT automatically repaired at the end of the raid. There is a base chance that items will be fixed at the end of the raid. This base chance can be increased by auxiliary items attached to workbenches and forges. With enough of these auxiliary options and workbenches, the percentage probability of damaged items being repaired can be improved to 100%. Additionally, there are auxiliary attachments for defenses that WILL automatically recover the defensive item if it is destroyed in a raid. Each worktable aux give +5% chance of recovery. The manual states that recovery chance is based on worktables and aux. It is unknown at this time what the base percentage and worktable percentage contributions are and how to achieve 100%.

What are some strategy considerations?

Performing the “touch task” on the IoP is reportedly the least useful way to win a raid because the anchors are much easier to destroy than the force field, which has high HP and regeneration. However debuffing strategies have been reported to have great success. (still debatable, need to test under current conditions)

Those who are planning to go for IoP raids should be considering the following:
1. Your SG must be willing to repeatedly defend itself over and over, again and again, forever and ever for as long as you own the IoP. (again, debatable since the trial seems so eady, the 100k prestige cost to attack may make it only something hardcore groups or groups that miss the IoP window do)
2. The SG must think that the reward for the IoP is worth the cost and time commitment of leaving oneself vulnerable to raids. IoPs have been buffed in value and have a huge benefit in the reduction of Prestige, but require a defense to maintain them.
3. The SG must accept that there WILL be "griefer SG's" out there who's sole purpose will be to prolong a raid for as long as possible in order to destroy as much equipment as possible, just because that's what they do. (Again, debatable in so much as the 100k Prestige cost to run event is a deterrent, however once they're there and exiting the base on the part of the defenders should end the raid...who knows)
4. Any Items of Power obtained through raids or the trial will disappear when the next IoP Trial cycle begins.

As such, to effectively conduct IoP Raids a Supergroup would want to plan to:

1. Have multiple fabricators in the crafting room to reduce the potential of loss...
2. Have a lot of members who are in the 40+ area (for raid defense)
3. Generate a good amount of prestige to invest in base defenses or potentially in item recovery

edited: 10/11/06 for a bunch of pre-I7 bugs and changes since IoP/CoP went live.

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