FFXV Noctis fight moves.

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FFXV Noctis fight moves.

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https://www.reddit.com/r/FFXV/comments/ ... echniques/

Noctis can also do Techniques like the bros and not limited to normal attacking.

Great Sword Tempest : Hold Attack Button, immediately release it after the attack connects, then hold it again right before EDIT : after the Greatsword dissapears from Noctis hand (you can also chain this from different weapons). Noctis will spin his Greatsword 360 degree twice, and Noctis is invisible during the animation.

Monster Hunter Greatsword Charge : Hold left stick backwards when holding attack button, Noctis will go into charging stance and began glowing. The longer you hold the buttons, the stronger the resulting slash is. (managed to deal 9999 damage against Vulnerable Zu)

Lance Full Thrust : While holding Attack button, tilt left stick backward once (don't hold it, Noctis will perform different moves otherwise), Noctis will hop backwards then lunge forward dealing multi hit damage. It's pretty good against single target enemy. Noctis could not be knocked down during the animation.

Lance Discount Dragoon Jump : Press attack button while Noctis is directly above enemy position., instead of normal forward thrust, Noctis will do diving attack that deals multi hit damage. You can executes this easily against smaller/knocked down enemies (scorpions, saberstusk, sahagin,etc), for slightly bigger enemies (magitek soldier, Anak Calf) you can do this by doing normal air forward thrust, then tilt left stick forward and Noctis will roll forward mid air, ended up above the enemies position.

Omen Trailer Dagger Drop Kick : Hold left stick backwards while holding attack buttons, Noctis will hop backwards and throw the daggers at the enemies, keep holding attack button and left stick backwards to continously throw dagger, after the fourth daggers throw (EDIT : It seems it depends on the distance, not the number of daggers throwed), Noctis will do warp drop kick on the enemy. Edit : The Drop Kick doesn't track the enemies, so if the enemies moves before the Drop Kick daggers hit, Noctis will miss the drop kick.

EDIT : Try tilting left stick to left/right or backwards (this is assuming the you are looking at Noctis back, the left stick direction is relatives to enemy and Noctis positions) while holding the attack button , Noct will do different moves depending on the weapons. Also sometimes holding the left stick may executes different moves than just flicking it, for example holding left stick backwards while attacking with lance will not executes Full Thrust, instead Noct will hop backwards to air before doing normal air thrust.

Holding attack button, release it, then immediately hold it again will perform Finisher moves (normally executed by holding Attack button long enough).

Attacking immediately after Phasing also results in unique moveset, for example attacking with Lance after Phasing results in Noctis doing AoE sweep with the Lance.

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